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Rustines Brake Hood Rubbers for Campag/Mafac non aero levers Gum Black or White


Please note that if you order an item that is "Sold Out", it will take 6-12 days before we will be able to ship it to you (subject to the manufacturer having stock available).

RRP: Campag £21.25, MAFAC Full Hoods £23.10, MAFAC Half Hoods £29.56

The Campy brake hoods are a nice replacement for classic (non-aero) Campagnolo-style brake levers. They also fit on Sun Tour Superbe levers and many others that are the same shape. The gum style really is gum, not simply brown as are some modern replacements. We also stock them in white and in black, just like the originals.

The Rustines hood covers for French brake levers like the classic Mafac course levers. Perfect for adding the finishing touch to a classic Bertin, Peugeot, or Motobecane. Available in gum or black.

The half hood covers for Mafac brake levers are authentic French made covers. They have become very rare on the used market and we're glad to have found a maker for them. The hoods feature a metal clip on the rear to secure the hood from sliding around, just like they did in the past. We stock them in gum and black.

Price is for a pair of hoods