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Grand Bois Large Flange Hubs 100/120/130mm OLN


Grand Bois Large Flange Hubs


32 hole drilling only available at the moment

The range comprises

  • 100mm OLN Front
  • 120mm OLN Rear (see Description below for cassette compatibility)
  • 130mm OLN Rear (Shimano Cassette compatibility 8,9,10,11 speed)

Beautifully finished hubs with super smooth bearings. Highest quality we have seen. Come complete with Q/R skewers.

The 120mm OLN rear hubs can be fitted with a depopulated 10 speed cassette to fit 7/10 sprockets. See video on our blog

Contact Us if you want these built into wheels with the gorgeous shiny SunXCD rims or any of the Velo Orange rims.

- Made in Japan

High polished finish

- Sealed cartridge bearings 

120mm OLN version now available

Front Hub
Model:  F100-32 (32H)
OLD/PCD: 100mm/60mm
Flange Diameter: 72mm
Weight: 155g (w/o QR)

Wheel Build Data (Front Hub)

Spoke Circle Dia. 60mm, Flanges to Centre 33mm

Rear Cassette Hub

R130-32 (32H)

OLD/PCD: 130mm/60mm
Flange Diameter: 72mm
Cassette: Shimano or Campy
Weight: 350g (w/o QR)

Wheel Build Data (Rear 130mm Hub)

Spoke Circle Dia. 60mm Flange to centre Left: 36mm Right 17mm

R120-32 (32H)

OLD/PCD: 120mm/60mm
Flange Diameter: 72mm
Cassette: Shimano  5 or 6 speed
Weight: 341g (w/o QR)

Wheel Build Data (Rear 120mm Hub)

Spoke Circle Dia. 65mm Flange to Centre Left 30mm Right 23mm

About Grand Bois


All Granbois products are created to make the best touring/Randonné bicycles.

The former randonneur was able to create various combinations of the latest racing parts of the time. However, it is very difficult to combine the components for the current road bike for the randonneur. And there are almost no parts that can be said to be for a randonneur.

For that reason, Granbois' products are made by incorporating the advanced technology of bicycle parts while reviving the parts for the randonneur of the standard that is disappearing.

By examining the necessary conditions for the randonneur and designing it with a value different from the hardness of the equipment of the road bike and mountain bike, we aim to bring out the full performance of the randonneur as a tool to run comfortably.

In terms of design, we design each part as a component part suitable for a randonneur with a classical appearance. The beautiful bicycle that Granbois seeks must be composed of traditional soft curves, wrapped in gentle colors and brilliant lustre.

For all randonneur enthusiasts, the Granbois product line will continue to add colour.


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