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Dajia Shallow Drop Alloy Handlebars


Dajia Cycleworks Shallow Drop Handlebar

RRP £41.57

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A simple and affordable short reach and shallow drop handlebar that fits bar end shifters. The Dajia Cycleworks crest appears on each side of the clamp area.

The center section is highly polished. The area under the bar tape has a "sand blasted" finish.

The Shallow Drop bars have a drop of 120mm. The reach (measured from the stem clamp forward) is about 75mm. The bar has 0 flare, which allows you snake through the peloton or around parked cars without worry of snagging. Available in 40, 42, 44 or 46cm center-to-center. About 395g (44cm).


We suggest going with a stem which uses removable style faceplate, as it could be very difficult to manoeuvre a non-removable clamp around the bends.

SKU HB-0024
Material Alloy
Stem Clamp Diameter 26.0mm
Brake Lever Diameter 23.8mm
Rise/Drop 120mm
Finish Polished Alloy
Use Road
Reach 75mm
Manufacturer Velo Orange

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