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Velo Orange Toes Clip Leather Covers

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Elkhide Toe Clip Leathers, Hand Cut

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There are some small details that can make a classic bike seem truly special. One of these is properly leathered toe clips.

This kit includes four pre-cut and pre-perforated leathers made of soft elkhide. It also includes enough thick wax-coated sailmaker's thread and a blunt tip harness-maker's needle. Clear step-by-step illustrated instructions are also included, but the toe clips are not. (Can't see the perforations? Pull the leather width-wise.)

Sewing the leather can be done by someone who has very little sewing experience. They fit VO, Christophe, MKS and most other toe clips.

Macchiato is the closest match to VO honey saddles; Espresso is closest to VO brown saddles.

Click here to download instructions or take a look at the VO technical support page.

SKU PD-0014
Manufacturer Velo Orange
Material Elk Hide

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